We want a port; but with information, consultation and mitigation

To clear up the misconception of a majority of Kenyans on the intentions of Save Lamu, we would like it on record that we are not opposed to the Lamu Port. What Save Lamu and its coalition partners are opposed to way in which the project is being implemented.

1. There is no EIA shared to the community and people of Kenya to date

2. There has been no effort to consult the local communities.

3. Plans for the construction have began prior to any plans for resettlement or compensation

Farmer at Kililana in front of his house with the survey road cutting through his farm. He has been given 30-days notice to move out of the left side of the farm which has been earmarked for the port launching site. He was yet to receive compensation when this post was published.

4. Land issues in the area remain unresolved and thereby leaving the area prone to speculators and land grabbers

5. There is no mitigation plan that has been created or shared to date

6. There has been a high level of secrecy maintained with the port project since its inception where information is retained withing high ranks of government

As such, our goals are not to stop the development of Kenya as a nation, but as per our organizations’ mission “to engage communities and stakeholders to ensure participatory decision-making so as to achieve sustainable and responsible development and preserve the environmental, social and cultural integrity of the Lamu community”.

No more corruption, no more oppression…

a port but with information, consultation and mitigation!!

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