Save Lamu organization together with, WWF, NEMA and Lamu residents engaged in a Beach cleaning activity as it marks World Environmental Day world-wide.

(Beach cleaning activity ongoing at shores of Lamu)

The activity attracted different people in the community of Lamu including men and women who came in support of cleaning the Lamu Sea Shore for a clean better health of the residents.

Speaking at the Mkunguni area after the Beach Cleaning activity Mr. Abubakar Mohammed Save Lamu chairman said that they have to make sure the safety of the people of lamu for a better health saying that people depend so much in agriculture and fishing as a day to day activity to generate income for their daily livelyhood.

referring to the coal plant project that is set to be constructed in Lamu, Kwasasi area Abubakar said that the dirty energy will lead to air and water pollution, he however added by saying that Save Lamu and the local residents are not against any developments coming to Lamu, but instead the people of Lamu need a renewable source of generating power.

Assistant County Commissioner Philip Oloo said that charcoal burning destroys the environment as a result of cutting down trees which will lead to loss of rain thus it will affect the agricultural production in the Country at large, he however said that whomever will be caught engaging in charcoal business, legal actions will be taken against him

Oloo on his speech urged the Save Lamu to collaborate with WWF, NEMA, County Government and different stakeholders in the County to take part in making sure that  5 Million trees are planted following orders from the president if the republic of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta that every County to atleast plant 5million trees in their respective Counties to avoid drought cases in future.

Recently the Government of Kenya banned the use of charcoal through Kenya Forest Service

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