From the previous times we wrote to ICBC, and there was no response, this time we wrote again to them and the Chinese Embassy starting in 2019 February. The letters express the concerns of the Lamu community on the proposed Lamu Coal power plant. ICBC is the majority financier of the project. We ask for ICBC to withdraw from the project, request the embassy’s help in reaching them, and request a meeting to discuss better, beneficial investments in our country.

Our letters sent to ICBC in December 2016, 2017, and 2018 have gone unanswered. We then contacted the Chinese Embassy starting in February 2019 through email, hand delivery, and fax, which also went unanswered. This time (8 May 2019) we delivered the letter by hand with a team from Save Lamu, to the Chinese Embassy office in Nairobi. We also hand-delivered our ICBC follow up letter to ICBC’s office in Nairobi, at Stanbic Bank Centre.

Due to the delays in responding our letters, local communities are now growing distressed about how Chinese coal investment may impact in their lives.

See links below of the letters sent to ICBC and Chinese Embassy



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