According to article 42 of the constitution of Kenya states that every Kenyan citizen has the right to clean and healthy environment for present and future generation, a healthy environment leads to good health, and good health comes from within ourselves.

(Said Salim from Natural Justice addressing youths and Women in Lamu on environment issues)

Environmental experts from the Natural Justice in Lamu, Anab Mohammed and Said Salim Said in collaboration with Save Lamu engaged youths and women from different parts of the County to create awareness on the effects of dirty environment from Air, water and soil pollution and what effect it will bring to human health.

Referring to the proposed coal power plant that is set to be constructed in Lamu Anab says that Coal creates a lot of Carbon dioxide (CO2) to the atmosphere that corrupts the ozone layers protecting living species from getting harmful rays from sun that may cause diseases like skin cancer and heart problems due to climate change.

Save Lamu has been doing advocacy meeting to the locals of Lamu to create awareness on the effects of environmental destruction caused by the developing projects coming to Lamu. Recently a court ruling ordered Lamu fishermen to be given kshs.1.7bn as compensation through a case filed by Save Lamu 7 years ago with the help of lawyers from the Katiba Institute, because of water pollution that came because of the sea dredging of the LAPSSET project in Magogoni area Lamu County.

“There is need to educate the public on the importance and effects that makes the environment dirt, our community is still not aware of the importance of preserving environment and what good it can bring to us as a community” said Said Salim from Natural Justice during the youth and women forum in Lamu.

“Save Lamu has been doing advocacy meetings to the locals of  Lamu on the effects of coal and how to preserve environment, said Khadija Abdillahi from Save Lamu.






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