The Kenya Civic Society Platform on Oil and Gas (KCSPOG) had their annual general meeting for the year 2018 in Lamu. Save Lamu being one of the members; management members were invited to be part of the team so as to air their grievances concerning the developing projects in Lamu specifically the LAPPSET project, proposed Coal Power Plant and most recently the exploration of gas in Pate Island


Mr. Charles Wanguhu who is the coordinator said that the investors should look for more renewable sources of generating power Solar system and wind power, saying that the coal power plant should be the last option to be used in generating electrical power.


Mr. Abubakar Mohamed, Save Lamu Chairman said that there is need for community mobilization, he however added that the indigenous communities like the Aweer and Sanye should be put first into consideration in knowing their rights concerning the projects, bearing in mind that they depend on forest where they get honey to boost them in their day to day lively activities.


“Nothing has been put into consideration in the water catchment areas in Lamu, environmental impact assessment did not consider other places that will be affected with the project” Said Mohamed Athman Bakari Management Member Save Lamu and also chairman of the Kenya Marine Forum.


He however said says that NEMA issued a license to the private company Amu Power despite no proper report showing safety of the people of  Lamu In addition to that Athman said the projects coming to Lamu MUST be Economically, environmentally Sustainable to the residents. Mohamed also mentioned that he attended the launch of the gas exploration in Pate, and according to him Zarara Oil and Gas company are not open enough to tell both the benefits and ill effects of the project to the people living around the site project.


“There is need for civic education to the public despite the continued projects in Lamu which are said to be harmful to our health, livelihoods and environment” said Is’haq Abubakar who is also a Management Member at Save Lamu.

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