Educating communities on the current activities taking part within and outside Lamu is a calling, and when it comes to getting to the indigenous communities within Lamu, it has been our priority

Save Lamu saw the need of visiting different places within Lamu County to educate communities on the effects of coal plant project by screening videos showing Countries where coal is used at a higher rate and how it has impacted on their lives.

with the developing projects proposed in Lamu including the coal power plant, residents in Lamu have been kept on the deam light not knowing what exactly is happening, with the just recently the judgement delivered by the National Environmental Tribunal it cited irregularities whereby there was no proper community engagement and luck of public participation

Speaking during one of the film screenings held at Wiyoni area in Lamu Khadija Shekuwe Save Lamu’s coordinator urged the residents in that area and insisted on women to show up in public gatherings when it comes to developing projects coming to our region.




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