(Save Lamu reprentatives in Kitui County with Miambani locals)

Locals in the Villages of Mutito, Miambani and Kalitini in Kitui County are calling upon the government to look for alternative investments to be brought in the County instead of the coal mining, which will threaten their agricultural activities and cause air pollution, which will be harmful to human health.

members from the Save Lamu Organization came together with local residents in that area to discuss on the impacts and effects of the proposed coal plant project.

The 3 day, one on one meeting included Kitui locals and representatives from Save Lamu where the proposed coal power plant is set to be constructed on 865 acres of Land to generate 1050MW of electricity, where by they discussed on the issues affecting the locals in the above mentioned areas, the challenges and the way forward.

(Sauda Khassim, Save Lamu in a one on one talk with Kitui women in the village of Mutito)

“We don’t want the coal project, we are welcoming investors to invest in our County but not the Coal project as an alternative,” said Maurine Kasyoka, a resident in Miambani village, Kitui County. Maurine however added by saying that they want a clear report that shows safety of the residents referring to article 42 of the constitution of Kenya which states that, every Kenyan has a right to clean and healthy environment.

Maurine however went ahead and said that there is need to educate the public concerning the project, saying that there is lack of information concerning the mining of the coal that is set to kick off in Kitui and the coal plant in Lamu, which is currently facing strong opposition from the locals led by the Save Lamu Organization.

Margaret Mutua a local resident in Mutito area said that due to lack of education, women in the area are not given priorities unlike men, she however urged the government to put so much consideration in educating a girl child, because educating a woman is like a educating the whole community.

Recently Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu signed for the immediate start of the Coal Mining in Kitui County


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