Save Lamu Challenge Government Denial of their right to Assemble

Despite being threatened against holding public demonstrations in Lamu, Save Lamu is holding a public rally and prayer today in Lamu at Mkunguni, Lamu 3:00pm as an expression of their right  to assemble peacefully. Please find attached the press statement that is to be read at the event.

All civil society groups and members of Save Lamu will be attending the ceremony and affected groups addressing the public to air their issues of concern.

We invite all press and community members to not fear the intimidation and join us.


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    Isaac Rumba Mbui

    I commend savelamu for striving to save Lamu from slavery. I will find time to join you guys. Please also share your concerns with an organisation called the
    ‘us freedomhouse,’ they may be useful to save Lamu in many aspects because of the great job they have done and continue doing in Egypt. We have the right to assemble.

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    My heart is bleeding, as i think of a big seaport, cargo airports and interstate roads and trains.

    Go and save Lamu, Manda and Faza !

    Development is not everything, only big money will rule and this means
    no rights anymore ! Stop this conquering by politicians and companies !

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