Hasty Selection of Lamu Port Committee

In reaction to the legal action taken against the government of Kenya and the growing mass uprising on the Lamu port, the Office of the President, through the District Commissioner this week hand picked a committee for Lamu Port development.

While the hasty and non-transparent selection of members raised a lot of questions, especially after the name of a member from Save Lamu who was nominated was excluded in the final list of members, the reports from those who attended the meeting stated that most of the members present at the meeting support the legal petition filed. As such the attempt to keep the opposition quiet by excluding vocal civil society members in the process was unsuccessful.

The committee is supposed to have a private meeting with the PS for transport on Feb 8th, the same day as the scheduled court date in Malindi. Watch this space for updates for information if this turns out to be a rubber stamping process.


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