Save Lamu Chairman Interrogated by Police for Planning Demonstrations on Lamu Port

Today the Save Lamu Chairman, Abubakar Al-Amudy was called in for interrogation at the Lamu police station after Save Lamu submitted an application to hold a peaceful demonstration on the Lamu Port on Thursday March 1st.

Noting the concerns over the President’s security, Save Lamu had opted to hold the demonstration a day prior to the launching ceremony at Lamu town instead of the launch site. Despite this, the OCS warned that Mr. Al-Amudy would be held responsible if he opted to hold the demonstration despite their refusal of the permit. The OCS also claimed there was not enough notice given to them despite the letter being submitted over two days before the planned protest, thus giving an indication or simple intimidation tactics.

The group will be holding a meeting with other local leaders and civil society groups to plan the way forward despite not having a permit for the demonstration.



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    Frank mwadime

    Let them proceed with building the port n we will not stop our cause to separate from kenya.

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    Brendon Ford

    That a permit is required to peacefully demonstrate, let along that it has been declined, is a pretty damning indictment of the ways things seem to be going here. I hope Save Lamu can find other peaceful ways of letting their views on this important issue be more widely known

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      We are holding a prayer meeting and we will not fight for our right to assemble!!

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