We need to collect a total of 55,000 signatures: 5,000 signatures from Lamu residents and 50,000 from mainland Kenyans. Additionally, we are seeking the support of other nations.

Please sign the petition and amplify our message.

You are petitioning to:

  • Demand the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China pull their funding, thereby putting a stop to the coal plant.
  • Save Lamu – East Africa’s oldest and best-preserved model of sustainability since 1370
  • Support panoramic views of nature,heritage and ethical development.
  • Stop unethical development, looting, and the poisoning of our ecology before it is too late.
  • Advocate for the development of a sustainable action plan that fosters Lamu’s economic growth and empowerment.

Let your voice be heard; Chukua hatua sign the petition, today.

For more information visit www.savelamu.org/blog