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The untold story of deadly mission to save abducted 66-year old French tourist

The Standard - 1 day ago
The house where French Marie Dedieu who was disabled was kidnapped in Manda Island, Lamu County in 2011. Her kidnapping was one of the reason why the Kenya Army started the operation Linda Nchi....

Opinion: Let's engage in matters of public interest

The Standard - 2 weeks ago
Consistent media messaging, edgy advocacy and some litigation has created deeper public awareness, stiffer sentencing and stronger protection. We are beginning to win the war for wildlife...

Konza, Lapsset, and resort cities to drive Uhuru's economic growth

The Standard - 3 days ago
One of the key infrastructure projects under Vision 2030 is Konza Techno City, envisaged to be the hub of the country's Business Processing Outsourcing and Information Technology Enabled Services...

Kenya's Save Lamu and deCOALonize campaign powers climate change resistance

The Daily Vox (blog) - 7 months ago
Stemming from the latest conflicts around South Africa's pending nuclear power expansion programme, said to be one of the largest government tenders in post-Apartheid South Africa, welcome news...

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