On 5th February, 85 women, from Kipungani and Matondoni gathered to deliberate on the proposed Lamu Coal power plant. The plant which is to be situated in Kwasasi Area plans to produce 1,050 MW to power the LAPPSET project. Women groups have never been consulted in the spirit and letter of Kenya’s constitution, which rests development power to the people, to determine the trajectory of their own development.

Although a stop order has been issued on the project, quiet works continue in Kwasasi Area. The ESIA of the project was poorly commissioned and done, glaring errors of omission were visible in the final document that has been a borne of contention between locals and the investor, Amu Power. Land has been apportioned but still locals are yet to receive any compensation from the national government. Women groups have come out strongly to push for the project to completely stop. The project seeks to erode both social and economic gains of the people of Lamu County that are already suffering due to the impacts of increasing impacts of climate change.

Women listening keenly to the facilitator

Women from two communities have agreed to share, engage and learn from one another to ensure they enhance their efforts to sensitize their ilk of the impending danger of the coal power plant. The program aims to increase women action towards climate justice that has also been strengthened by irresponsive local leadership. They hope to draw inspiration from the lessons learned from South Africa Womin movement, that has remained steadfast consistent and courageous over time

The women resolved to own the deCOALonize movement as well as share the knowledge and information got from the meeting with their colleagues and relatives. They vowed to use all the legal necessary means to ensure the proposed coal power plant does not see the light of the day.

The best protection any woman can have is courage – Elizabeth Stanton

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