Women empower, Men support, it is a slogan used by Lamu women in the recent days, women have always been given less priority in the Lamu community due to its culture, voices of women were rarely heard in public address, open forum meetings among many others. Recently Lamu women formed a group and joined Womin movement which has membership of quit a number of women all over Africa in countries like Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Nigeria, DRC, South Africa and Kenya where women are given opportunities to address themselves and their voices be heard by the public on Energy,  Food and Climate Justice.

(Lamu women at Mwanaarafa hall during the women dialogue)

Save Lamu, organized a one-day open forum meeting which comprised of women from different parts of the County at the Mwanaarafa conference hall to air their views on some of the issues affecting them in their community, including the proposed coal power plant set to be constructed in Lamu Kwasasi area.

“According to the ESIA, the waste water that will come from the plant once operational, will be dumped to the sea, which will greatly affect fishing activities in that area, and the growth of corals because of change of temperature that will be caused by the plant’’ said Khadija Shekuwe from save Lamu.

Khadija however added by saying that despite Lamu being a marginalized County, the investor should look for a more alternative project in that region that will benefit both the Government, Lamu residents and Kenya as a whole, and not something that will threaten our livelihoods and health.

“Apart from our culture being destroyed once the project is operational, our Swahili houses will also be affected due to the tremor that will be caused with burning of coal, because our houses are designed with mangroves which cant adhere to a continuous tremor”  Said Leila Yusuf a youth in Lamu in addition to that Leila said that Lamu will loose its heritage status which it gained from UNESCO since 2001.

Women participants gave different views concerning the coal project and all in one voice wants the government to divert on clean energy, because of the environmental destructions that will come as a result of the coal plant.


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