The 2017 UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany  was the next step for governments to implement the Paris Climate Change Agreement and accelerate the transformation to sustainable, resilient and climate-safe development. The Paris Agreement entered into force  in November 2016. The conference  further clarified the enabling frameworks that will make the agreement fully operational and the support needed for all nations to achieve their climate change goals. COP 23 –The conference was presided over by the Government of Fiji with support by Germany

We recently interviewed Ms Raaya Famau, who sits on the Executive Committee of Save Lamu about her experience attending the COP 23 (2017) conference held in Bonn, Germany. She shares the following experience.

Q. Tell us about Cop 23 in Bonn Germany?

A. I attended peoples climate governments have been meeting for the last 22 years and nothing concrete comes out from their meeting and so his time the organizers thought it would be realistic to invite people and organizations who advocate for environmental issues.

People’s Climate Summit 2017

In November, thousands of delegates and climate activists  traveled  to Bonn for the 23rd UN climate conference (COP23). It was unique opportunity for us to speak out for climate justice. The conference provided a  space for networking and exchange that inspires and strengthens our work for climate justice and ending dirty energy.

From November 3-7 we gathered in Bonn at the People’s Climate Summit to advance our movements and solutions for climate justice. We championed for a transition towards a society based on caring for the planet and for each other – not on exploitation.


Side Events

More than 50 side events were held t on  how to put a social-ecological transition into practice; they  highlighted global struggles for climate justice; and shred space for skill-sharing and networking between initiatives.

Q. What lessons have you brought to Save Lamu so as to implement and share in our advocacy against the proposed coal power plant?

  • Climate change is real and everybody need to change so as to protect mother earth
  • There is need to involve the youths in advocacy because they represent future generations
  • Climate change advocacy is like fighting big corporations which need one to struggle hard
  • To put emphasis  on county government to pass policies which are not harmful to the environment
  • Peoples power in fighting projects which are detrimental to environment is very important.

Q.What would you term as some of your greatest tangible achievements that can be adopted, adapted or scaled up to bring about the desired change in terms of our advocacy efforts against climate change.

A.Women need to be involved in climate justice since they will suffer the most due to effects of climate change. Women need to get up and demand to be involved in each and every process of decision making. It would be fool hardly to think that you can achieve anything without a man.

Q. ?You have been very vocal when it comes to women and gender issues. What can we do to improve women participation in the deCOALonize campaign?

  • More involvement of women at grassroots level
  • Media engagement to show case what women are doing at grassroots level
  • Increase capacity building and advocacy strategies

Q. How are you planning to share what you learnt with the greater Lamu community to ensure the message spreads far and wide?

  • One on one conversations
  • Women grassroots meetings
  • Media engagements
  • Engagement of political leaders
  • Active involvement of our religious leaders
  • Engagements with our professionals

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