Community Procession on Lamu Port

Community members including children today held a procession through the streets of Lamu as a symbolic message of mourning on the Lamu port. The crowd of over 100 chanted prayers and held banners in the early morning of the day.

Teacher with chanting "Al-badiri" with students
Teacher with chanting "Al-badiri" with students

Being left powerless, in a fight similar to David and Goliath, religious leaders opted to God in prayer through the famous “Al-badiri” chants that have become well-known in the Coast Province of Kenya. The demands of the community for an EIA, land rights, consultation, and mitigation planning has not been met to date.

The Save Lamu group were forced to boycott yesterday’s launch of the Lamu Port after some members were warned against it. Those who did attempt to go had their vehicle stopped half way by security officers and forced to trek. This included MUHURI staff as well.

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