Welcome to Save Lamu


The mission of Save Lamu is to engage communities and stakeholders to ensure participatory decision-making so as to achieve sustainable and responsible development and preserve the environmental, social and cultural integrity of the Lamu community

Boy on fishing boat (From Bajun Majnoon Media)


The objectives of Save Lamu are to undertake the following in Lamu County:

  • Raise awareness on the environmental, social, and political challenges facing the peoples and environs of Lamu
  • Document and raise awareness on community knowledge, practices and rights over communally managed lands
  • Foster sustainable and responsible development and use of natural resources
  • Preserve the cultural and social identity of the marginalized indigenous communities in Lamu
  • Advocate and lobby for the recognition of the communities natural resource rights
  • Build capacity for the local community in natural resource rights advocacy
  • Enhance partnerships between local, multinational, and national groups to carry out any of the above objectives


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